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Onlays and Inlays are a restorative treatment similar to composite fillings that plenty of our patients here in Logan choose for their tooth restoration. Onlays/Inlay use gold, titanium, or porcelain instead of plastic resin.

These features are less likely than fillings to stain or discolor and are tailored to fit an exact space, and then bonded to the tooth making them customized care for your smile. Schedule an appointment today for an Onlay/Inlay consultation.

What is the Difference Between An Onlay and Inlay?

Both Onlay/Inlay are applied in the same way. When decay is located between teeth this is a great solution to repair the teeth because it is considered a more conservative approach to repairing teeth and preserving as much of the tooth as possible.

The main difference between an onlay and an inlay is the spot on the tooth being repaired. An Onlay covers the cusp, or top of the tooth while the Inlay only covers between the cusps.

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What is it like to get an


  • Takes at least two appointments to install
  • At the first appointment, we remove any decay and take an impression of the tooth.
  • The impression is then sent to the lab where a perfect fit for your tooth is created out of gold, titanium, or porcelain rather than plastic resin. 
  • At the second appointment, we fit the onlay/inlay in the tooth and seal it to the natural tooth.
  • They are designed to work as a normal natural tooth 

We will help you decide if onlay/inlay is right for you. Schedule your appointment today!

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