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If you have damaged teeth due to trauma or decay, here at Platinum Dental in North Logan we can easily help you restore your teeth to their normal strength and appearance with the help of composite fillings. Composite fillings are made from a tooth-colored combination of glass and plastic which is fitted specifically to your tooth and can be finished in one dental visit. 

If you are concerned about the structure or appearance of any of your teeth, give us a call, so we can help your mouth and confidence feel stronger.

How it’s done

Getting a filling is a very common procedure. One of our trusted Platinum Dental dentists will clean away any decay or damage, usually with a drill, before filling in the hole. Composite fillings are molded to personally fit your tooth and mouth. You may experience some sensitivity in the area where the filling was put after the procedure, but will usually be able to eat and drink normally within 24 hours.

To learn more about our composite fillings procedures check out our article “What Are Composite Fillings,” by clicking on the button below.

Benefits to

Composite Fillings

  • Replaces and prevents decay
  • Keeps your teeth white
  • Maintains natural looking teeth
  • Maintains natural tooth strength
  • Affordable and long lasting

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